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About us

Meet The Owners

From being college roommates in 1985 to forming a real estate investment company in 2009, Gary Scott and Tom Nelson have always enjoyed a challenge.  From college fun at Albion, to golfing the black tees, or lake days on a boat - investing in Northern Michigan will always be their passion.  


Along with their wives, Jill and Maureen, the James Quick House (JQH) was purchased and repositioned into a local Gaylord landmark. Available for lodging and events, JQH aims to connect old with fun.

The James Quick House

James Quick lived in this house from the time of its construction in 1901 until his early death at the age of fifty-two in 1909. Mr. Quick was a successful businessman during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in Gaylord. He owned multiple businesses which he owned privately and in partnership with his brother Charles Quick. An additional partnership with Almon Comstock and his brother Charles resulted in the creation of one of Gaylord’s first major banks along with the Comstock Quick addition to the village of Gaylord. James Quick was also a trustee on the Gaylord Village Council from 1903 to 1907. This period of Gaylord’s history was known for major changes and upgrades to the village’s infrastructure. His wife Lottie Quick took over his business activities after his death, besides the running of her millinery store which she opened in 1906. In October 1913 Dr. Harry Knapp purchased the house with the intent of using it for his medical practice. In November of 1913 Dr. Knapp constructed a door on the south elevation of his house where his medical patients could enter and leave the house. Dr. Knapp sold the house in March 1919 to Dr. William Housen. Dr. Housen owned the house for a two year period and practiced dentistry here. Another dentist Dr. Charles Saunders purchased the house in June 1921. Dr. Saunders lived in the house for forty-nine years until his death in 1970. Charles Saunders practiced dentistry, in the house, at the start of his ownership. It was Charles Saunders who constructed the addition to the southeast corner of the house in 1950. After the death of Dr. Saunders his wife Helen continued to live in the house until her death in 1999. The house has been vacant since then. Tamara Reeme purchased the house in October 1999, and then sold it to JGLA Investments in August 2010. The current owners of the building Maureen and Tom Nelson and Jill and Gary Scott purchased the house in August 2013.

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